Sarah Shadday

Sticky Transitions and Love

The next chapters of Sticky Faith talk about the transition to college and “ups and downs” of faith. It’s easy to discount the first topic, but reading the chapter it’s easier to find things to relate to. Fewer than forty percent of kids feel prepared to find their own church. How hard is it to … Read more

You Matter in Sticky Faith

“Segregation causes kids to shelve their faith.” Segregation has a certain connotation. Segregation makes most people think, “bad” or “outdated” for a good reason. The segregation Sticky Faith talks about is children being separated from adults in the congregation. There are times to be apart to have age appropriate conversations, but children need more caring … Read more

Sticky Faith Identity

One of the movies I make fun of is Moana. There is a spoiler for those who haven’t watched it. It drives me nuts that her song she says, “They have stolen the heart from inside you/ But this does not define you/ This is not who you are/ You know who you are.” Having … Read more

Sticky Faith Modeling Lifelong Discipleship

It’s strange to think reading the Bible can be dangerous to our faith. The book Sticky Faith opens by talking about Tiffany. She wanted to do everything at church and was easy to parent. Midway through High School she changed. Soon after High School, she was pregnant and had her son. Her parents wondered what … Read more

Sticky Faith

What achievement makes someone the happiest? Two different podcasts I’ve listened to talked about how they surveyed people towards the end of their life and asked about their greatest achievements and accomplishments. Any guesses what the greatest was? It was usually family or child related. That’s great for people who have children; but what about … Read more

Thank You

Thank you to the members of Concordia who were able to donate to the Reformation treat bags for the children of Concordia. We’d also like to thank a Thrivent member for using an Action Team to sponsor the event. We were able to purchase Reformation books and a few others goodies to put in some … Read more

Extraordinarily Ordinary

            I love looking back at the pictures of my children. I currently have 12,229 pictures of my phone. At least half of them are my children doing ordinary things I find special. One recent picture is of my oldest, holding a piece of toast with apple butter and pointing to it. I feel like … Read more