Hymn: 413 O Wondrous Type! O Vision Fair

1 O wondrous type! O vision fairof glory that the Church may share,which Christ upon the mountain shows,where brighter than the sun he glows! 2 With Moses and Elijah nighth’incarnate Lord holds converse high,and from the cloud the Holy Onebears record to the only Son. 3 With shining face and bright arrayChrist deigns to manifest … Read more

11. Go Tell It On The Mountain

LSB 388 Refrain:Go tell it on the mountain,over the hills, and ev’rywhere;go, tell it on the mountainthat Jesus Christ is born. 1 While shepherds kept their watchingo’er silent flocks by night,behold, throughout the heavensthere shone a holy light. [Refrain] 2 The shepherds feared and trembledwhen lo, above the earthrang out the angel chorusthat hailed our … Read more

10. See Amid the Winter’s Snow

LSB 373 1 See amid the winter’s snow,Born for us on earth below,See, the gentle Lamb appears,Promised from eternal years. Refrain:Hail, O ever-blessed morn!Hail, redemption’s happy dawn!Sing through all Jerusalem:“Christ is born in Bethlehem!” 2 Lo, within a stable liesHe who built the starry skies,He who, throned in height sublime,Sits amid the cherubim. [Refrain] 3 … Read more

9. O Rejoice, Ye Christians Loudly

LSB 897 1 O rejoice, all Christians, loudly,for our joy has now begun;wondrous things our God has done.Tell abroad his goodness proudly,who our race has honored thus,that he has befriended us. Refrain:Joy, O joy, beyond all gladness!Christ has done away with sadness!Hence, all sorrow and repining,for the Sun of grace is shining! 2 See, my … Read more

7. Once In Royal David’s City

LSB 376 1 Once in royal David’s cityStood a lowly cattle shed,Where a mother laid her babyIn a manger for His bed:Mary was that mother mild,Jesus Christ her little child. 2 He came down to earth from heaven,Who is God and Lord of all,And His shelter was a stable,And His cradle was a stall;With the … Read more