A God of Delegation

Something I have been pondering much the past year is how we can better involve our members in service to the church. During the worst of Covid, we wanted to decrease how many people were actively ever in the building. Inevitably, a few people were taking care of a lot of things. But now we … Read more

Joyful People Sing

Our congregation sings well.  Exceptionally well! Members from the choir lead the effort. Others aren’t as bold, but will rally behind a stronger voice. A tide can rise, swaying even the most reluctant to join in.   It’s a shame that we often leave music making to performers or Spotify. Everyone should join in making music. … Read more

Reclaim and Embrace our Whole Church Calendar

The Church celebrated this past year the lowest attending Sunday of all: Christmas. It’s common to hear laments of how few church goers attend on Christmas Day, but even more so when it lands on a Sunday as it did in 2022. Social Media was full of warning posts to Christians the week before.  “Christians … Read more

Christians Gather

Church attendance is one of the most frustrating things to address. It’s hard not to sound legalistic: “Come to church – or else!” It’s hard not to sound like church is about numbers: “We NEED stronger attendance, We NEED more young families, We NEED more giving!” It’s hard not to sound like it’s being taken … Read more

Dear Christian, What Robs You of Your Easter Joy?

To be featured in Concordia’s June Newsletter Dear Christian, What bends you out of shape? What makes you anxious, flustered, irritable, and otherwise unpleasant to be around? You have no lack of excuses. Gas prices, inflation, Roe v. Wade, Ukraine, another shooting…. baby formula shortage, your check engine light came, I-465 construction 365 days a … Read more

All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints’ Day

This devotion was originally written at the request of a layperson, that they might share about the origin of Halloween and what All Saint’s Day is.  It may be hard to believe that modern Halloween celebrations emerged from an ancient Christian holiday. It’s not unheard of for some Christians to avoid celebrating Halloween, given its … Read more

Catechesis Lesson 1 Review

In these Catechesis Reviews, you can hear a summary of what Pastor and Sarah are teaching our catechumens (catechism students). Catechism: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Commandments Scripture: “The Rich Man and Lazarus” – Luke 16: 19-31Summary: “The faith that saves trusts in Christ alone. The faith that damns trusts in self.” Lessons taken from “Lutheran Catechesis” … Read more