Vacation Bible School is a fun outreach for our church. Registration is now open. This year, we will use Biblical accounts with a water theme to remind us how God’s Living Water covers us in Jesus’ grace. We also need plenty of volunteers to help with Vacation Bible School. We still need: Group Leaders- People … Read more

Holy Week & Easter

We’re keeping our Google Calendar updated. Click on the Calendar Button above to see what’s coming up and if there are any cancellations. Holy Week Schedule 2023 Maundy Thursday Divine Service – 6:30 PM Good Friday – 6:30 PM Easter Sunday: Services at 7:00 AM & 10:00 AM Easter breakfast at 8:15 AM, Easter Egg hunt at … Read more

Where Can You Serve?

Hark, the voice of Jesus crying, “Who will go and work today? Fields are white and harvests waiting- Who will bear the sheaves away?” Loud and long the Master calleth; Rich reward He offers thee. Who will answer, gladly saying, “Here am I, send me, send me”? If you cannot speak like angels, If you … Read more

Individual Confession & Absolution

You may prepare yourself by meditating on the Ten Commandments (LSB pages 321–322). You may also pray the penitential psalms (6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, or 143).If you are not burdened with particular sins, do not trouble yourself or search for or invent other sins, thereby turning confession into a torture. Instead, mention one … Read more


                I buy books for professional development. Some are theological, some are Bible Studies, and others are books to help me put more tools in my tool belt. Recently, I purchased a quick read on anxiety since anxiety is so prevalent, especially after 2020. I know I’ve felt more anxious recently, so I pulled that … Read more

Preschool Christmas Service

                In August, I became the Preschool Director and an assistant in the afternoon class. It is fun doing something new. One of the benefits of working more closely with both the church and the Preschool is being able to brainstorm ways our church and Preschool can become more integrated.                 In September, we had … Read more