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Preschool Christmas Service

                In August, I became the Preschool Director and an assistant in the afternoon class. It is fun doing something new. One of the benefits of working more closely with both the church and the Preschool is being able to brainstorm ways our church and Preschool can become more integrated.                 In September, we had … Read more

All Saints’ Sunday

I love All Saints’ Day! It is one of my favorite Sundays and services of the year. The imagery is beautiful. All Saints’ Day brings to the forefront something we know but may not always take time to acknowledge. We are CELEBRATING with the saints of all times, places, and peoples. In our sermon on … Read more

Mental Health

I had the opportunity to attend a few conferences at the very end of September and the beginning of October. One of my favorites to attend is our Indiana District DCE conference. Mark Kiessling, Director of Youth Ministry in the LCMS, was our speaker. He spoke about young adults and how/why they stay, or leave … Read more

Christians Gather

Church attendance is one of the most frustrating things to address. It’s hard not to sound legalistic: “Come to church – or else!” It’s hard not to sound like church is about numbers: “We NEED stronger attendance, We NEED more young families, We NEED more giving!” It’s hard not to sound like it’s being taken … Read more