9. O Rejoice, Ye Christians Loudly

LSB 897

1 O rejoice, all Christians, loudly,
for our joy has now begun;
wondrous things our God has done.
Tell abroad his goodness proudly,
who our race has honored thus,
that he has befriended us.

Joy, O joy, beyond all gladness!
Christ has done away with sadness!
Hence, all sorrow and repining,
for the Sun of grace is shining!

2 See, my soul, your Savior chooses
poverty and weakness, too;
in such love he comes to you.
Neither crib nor cross refuses,
all he suffers for your good
to redeem you by his blood. [Refrain]

3 Lord, how shall I thank you rightly?
I am saved eternally
by your life and death for me.
Let me not forget it lightly
but with all my heart believe
that from you I shall receive [Refrain]

4 Jesus, guard and guide your members,
fill them with your boundless grace,
hear their prayers in ev’ry place.
Fan to life faith’s glowing embers;
grant all Christians far and near,
holy peace, a glad new year. [Refrain]