Devotion: Encouragement from Psalm 15

Psalm 15 asks “who can dwell with God?”, that is, “who will be saved and be in God’s presence forever?”. The Psalm then lists various attributes about the righteous ones who will be saved. As Christians, we look to Jesus as the one who perfectly lived according to this. He in turn shares his righteousness … Read more

Encouragement from Psalm 13

Perhaps the most unique and useful lesson the Psalms teach us is how to lament. Life does not always go well for us. Often it is quite the opposite. Jesus did not promise us great earthly blessings and treasures. Rather, he taught us that to follow him is to take up our own cross and … Read more

Psalm 6

We confess in Psalm 6 that we are deserving of God’s wrath and anger. Knowing that we deserve God’s wrath, we do not then give up and give in to our selfish thoughts or desires, as the world teaches us to. No, we know God does not desire the death of us sinners, but that … Read more