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Reclaim and Embrace our Whole Church Calendar

The Church celebrated this past year the lowest attending Sunday of all: Christmas. It’s common to hear laments of how few church goers attend on Christmas Day, but even more so when it lands on a Sunday as it did in 2022. Social Media was full of warning posts to Christians the week before.  “Christians … Read more

Hymn: 413 O Wondrous Type! O Vision Fair

1 O wondrous type! O vision fairof glory that the Church may share,which Christ upon the mountain shows,where brighter than the sun he glows! 2 With Moses and Elijah nighth’incarnate Lord holds converse high,and from the cloud the Holy Onebears record to the only Son. 3 With shining face and bright arrayChrist deigns to manifest … Read more

Preschool Christmas Service

                In August, I became the Preschool Director and an assistant in the afternoon class. It is fun doing something new. One of the benefits of working more closely with both the church and the Preschool is being able to brainstorm ways our church and Preschool can become more integrated.                 In September, we had … Read more

All Saints’ Sunday

I love All Saints’ Day! It is one of my favorite Sundays and services of the year. The imagery is beautiful. All Saints’ Day brings to the forefront something we know but may not always take time to acknowledge. We are CELEBRATING with the saints of all times, places, and peoples. In our sermon on … Read more