January Epiphany Update

Thank you to all who attended our Advent and Christmas services!

Concordia had strong attendance throughout the season, as well as members watching online who are either practicing caution with Covid, or who were out of town.

We’re now in the season of Epiphany, where the Christmas Light of Jesus is now shining on the hearts of mankind. Later, we’ll move into the season of Lent, beginning on March 2nd with Ash Wednesday. Look for future posts with details about midweek services and times.

Regular Worship Schedule:

  • Our standard service is Sunday at 9:00 AM, where attendees are free to make their own safety choices while being conscious of others (average attendance: 50-60).
  • Sunday at 11:00 AM is intended for more at-risk members, and masks are not required but are more commonly used (average attendance: 20-30).
  • Our Monday 6:30 PM service is a smaller, shorter service intended both for those unavailable on Sundays, but also as another option for those desiring more caution (average attendance: 5).

If you’re interested in additional social and learning opportunities, check out our Bible Studies, Classes, etc. page.

Visitors or those interested in joining are encouraged to contact Pastor Paul Gaschler.
Call/Text: (317)-883-7383, email: paulgaschler@gmail.com