Announcement: Overnight Easter Casserole Fundraiser

The National Youth Gathering is in Houston in July 2022. It usually takes 3 years to fundraise for the event; and it is understandable that we have cancelled almost all fundraisers in the past year. Therefore, we are trying something NEW! Easter Overnight Breakfast Casseroles!

Casseroles will be created on Saturday, April 4 and refrigerated until pick-up. Heating instructions will come with each casserole. Clean-up will be easy since casseroles will come in a disposable aluminum pan with lid. Appropriate sanitary precautions will be taken when assembling and storing all food.

Food Options:

Egg Casserole: feeds 6-9, contains: Eggs, pork sausage, cheese, croutons, salt, pepper, dry mustard, milk

Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole: feeds 6-9, contains: Packaged cinnamon rolls, eggs, milk, imitation vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and packaged icing

Cost: Freewill donation—our goal is to raise $500. Watch the eggs/cinnamon roll pictures in the church lobby as we record our success.

PLEASE, PREORDER CASSEROLES BY TUESDAY, MARCH 30TH. Follow the link below to Preorder casseroles.

The LCMS National Youth Gathering (NYG) convention happens every three years for High School youth. LCMS youth are able to see other LCMS youth from around the country and world. It is a time to grow in faith and fellowship with other youth. The video shows fellowship events, servant events, concerts, and more from the previous year along with the theme for the 2022 convention. It shows the church service led by President Harrison, Bible Study, and parts of the Mass Events. Something that’s hard to convey in a video are the opportunities to grow in faith.

The NYG hosts the opportunities to do “intensives” on topics. There are breakout sessions to learn about different parts of faith, topics, or organizations. There are Bible Study sessions every day. There are also nightly discussions for groups to do together. The NYG is a unique time and experience and Concordia enjoys providing youth with this opportunity. Thank you for your support.