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Lenten Devotional

It can be hard to see God’s grace in the Genesis 3. Sin and death are now at work in the world. God has given out punishments to Adam, Eve, and the Devil. In Genesis 3:15 we see the first mention of God’s plan of redemption. However, we later see a great act of mercy.Adam … Read more

Ash Wednesday Devotion

Ash Wednesday starts our Lenten journey. Many churches offer the imposition of ashes this day. We are reminded that we are from dust and to dust we will return. This is a beautiful outward symbol of our repentance and ultimately our mortality.Yet, God does not desire only outward changes in our lives. God desires sincerity … Read more

First Sunday in Lent – B 2021

Water, Wilderness, Kingdom Mark 1: 9-15 In Lent, we tend to focus on Jesus’ work and suffering during Holy Week. But our lessons this morning remind us to consider more broadly what it meant for Jesus to enter human flesh and walk through this world of ours. Jesus would walk a familiar path through the … Read more

Encouragement from Psalm 13

Perhaps the most unique and useful lesson the Psalms teach us is how to lament. Life does not always go well for us. Often it is quite the opposite. Jesus did not promise us great earthly blessings and treasures. Rather, he taught us that to follow him is to take up our own cross and … Read more

Ash Wednesday 2020

Our Lenten Midweek theme, Return From Exile, will have a series of images for us to consider each evening service. Each set of images will have an Old Testament image compared to a New Testament or eternal image. This series was written by one of my Old Testament teachers at the seminary, and he wrote … Read more

Lenten Schedule

Beginning with Ash Wednesday (2/17/20), we will be having Lenten Midweek services at 4:00 & 7:00 PM. We intend to livestream the 7:00 PM service Our Sunday morning and Monday evening services will remain the same Maundy Thursday and Good Friday will also have services at 4:00 & 7:00 PM Easter Morning Services – 7:00, … Read more