Paul Gaschler

10/4/20 – 18th Sunday after Pentecost

Matthew 21: 33-46 We heard Jesus tell the Parable of the Vineyard Tenants earlier against the Pharisees. Jesus condemning the Pharisees; well that’s nothing new. \But Jesus didn’t start this dispute with the Pharisees. Go back in the verses preceding our Gospel Lesson, and we find these Pharisees confronting Jesus as he was teaching. By … Read more

9/27/20 -Feast of St. Michael and All Angels (observed)-

 Psalm 91 (St. Michael & All Angels 2020) Autumn is a favorite season for many. We find relief from Summer’s heat, we enjoy the beautiful colors from turning trees, and even in the Year of our Lord 2020, we’ve managed to have football to watch on the weekends.  With these joys comes also though the … Read more


Matthew 18: 21-35 My brother Mark preached here last week, and he addressed where Jesus says it would be better to cut off our hand or our eyes if they cause us to sin, that it would be better to enter eternal life blind or with one less hand than it would be to have … Read more

Pray the Psalms Every Day

Home devotions and prayers are hard. Part of the struggle is having a reliable routine. Only the individual can control this. We naturally form routines in our life, some good and productive, others may be bad and unproductive. If we don’t plan our routines, more often they are unproductive. It’s worth the effort to set … Read more

On Saints and Feast & Festival Days

Dear Saints of Concordia, This coming Sunday (September 27th, 2020) we will be celebrating the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels. While this Feast Day has a set day in our Church Calendar (Sept. 29th), we often move these special days to the nearest Sunday.  The Feast of St. Michael and All Angels is … Read more

COVID-19 Update

For those who are able, we are meeting again in-person with multiple times available and safety measures in place.  Please bring a mask to wear in and out of the building.  Our 9:00 AM Service is streamed online and is accessible via the “Watch Live” button above.